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Hotel Sant'Andrea on the Island of Elba

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Wellness & Fitness

Wellness area:
Wellness is a state of being that involves all aspects of the human being and characterizes the life quality of every single person.

In our enchanting panoramic garden, you will find a small platform built in the midst of nature's colors, especially created to please your soul; it is our Wellness Area where you can rediscover the best way to love yourself.

In the wellness area you will find:
- Lounges for sipping a drink, a tisane or some bubbly ...
- You can choose a professional massage by one of our experts in therapeutic and/or ayurvedic massage techniques ...

Take time to pull out the plug and enjoy the little pleasures of wellbeing ...

The roots of health are in the brain. Its trunk is in the emotions. Its branches and leaves are the body. Its flower of health blooms when all of the parts work together. (Kurdish proverb)

Fitness Area, Island of Elba

Fitness Area

Fitness Area, Island of Elba

Fitness Area

Fitness Area, Island of Elba

Fitness Area

Fitness Area:
At our hotel you will find an area set-up for those who want to regenerate themselves, tone up their bodies, get back into shape or preserve their physical fitness while on vacation. Use our outdoor mini gym on a terrace with a sea view, where you can do your favorite fitness exercises: a pleasure for your body and soul.

Fitness Area features

  • Magnetic treadmill
  • Cyclette
  • Cyclette recumbent
  • Stepper
  • Bench press machine
  • Soft mats
  • Gym Ball
  • Set of training dumbbells
  • AB-glider abs bench glider
  • Relaxation area with lounges and stocked mini fridge

You must be 18 or older to access the Fitness Area.

Take advantage of this holiday to rejuvenate your body and your mind ...
... reat yourself to a massage in the open air among the scents and the sounds of nature

Ayurvedic Massages
Ayurvedic massage is used to detox and purify the body, increasing the effectiveness of the immune system of the human organism. It helps restore health, generally increasing the wellbeing of the subject.

Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic massage is an ancient tecnique combining swedish and shiatsu strokes. Ideal for the relaxation of muscular tissues and tiredness relief.

The de-toxing process and blood pressure stimulation donate an instant and intense feeling of well-being, while the sweet almond oil used, nourishes the ski deeply, leaving it soft and toned.

Each treatmet can either be carried out on the whole body, or concentrated for longer on a specific area in order to ease tension or solve a physical problem.

Treatments (advance booking only):
Full Body: legs, back, shoulders, neck, head, face, arms, hands, feet.
Duration 1 hour
€ 60.00

Body Upper Part: back, shoulders, neck, head, face
Duration 30 minutes
€ 35.00

By Elena Tassi
herapeutic Practitioner graduated at the London College of Massage, UK