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Careno Diving Philosophy

Careno Diving Philosophy

The Careno Diving Philosophy, associated to CSEN, located in Sant'Andrea, offers from years different daily underwater activities and it is committed to the protection and the enhancement of the territory and the environment in which operates, with a technical and scientific focus on the sea and its depths.

For this big care, for the professionalism of the operators and the love demonstrated for the marine and land environment, we propose their activities, sure that you will appreciate these wonderful excursions that will make you discover our crystal see, inhabited by different life forms ... and the wonderful nature that with its colors and fragrances is our "master of the house".

The complete snorkeling equipment (body-suit, snorkeling mask, fins), if needed, will be provided directly at the diving centre.
Moreover, the instructors of the centre are disposable every Monday in the afternoon (on request) to make free diving trial, observing the rules of the education and the safety, one to one trial in a safe delimited sea area.

Careno Diving
Careno Diving

Trails Proposals
To discover a land rich in History and Nature


Snorkeling Experience
In January the italian cargo ship Elviscott travelig toward Marseilles, due to an engine failure worsened by a rough sea and stormy weather, crashed into the big rock Ogliera, just opposite Pomonte beach. The wreck now lays at the bottom of the same rock twelve metres deep below, with the stern side just three metres from the sea surface. Leaving from Sant'Andrea docs, a 20 minutes ride on our rubber dinghy along a coast of tiny village and steep rocks, will take us there. Dropped the anchor, it will be time to dive directly in the saddled breams, sargos and damselfisch, none of them at all boyhered by the presence of us visitors.
On the way back, a stop at Le Formiche della Zanca, surfacing rocks in the middle of the sea, that with their caves and narrow inlets will offer a very colorful show of the Mediterranean flora and fauna. A unique and interesting guided experience suitable for the whole family.

The excursion takes place in the afternoon and lasts about three hours.
When: every Wednesday and Saturday at 3.00 pm, advance booking only.
Cost: € 30,00 per person.

Bio Snorkeling
Le Cote Piane, a big cliff on the left hand side of Sant'Andrea beach, is composed by massive blocks of granodioritic rocks plunged into the sea, covered in oceanic Posidonia and sea sponges.
The sea depths morphology, as well as the sea current movements, enrich this water with many forms of nutritions, giving a high change of growth and development to many living species and their Mediterranean marine biology at the touch of a pair of swimming fins ...

The excursion takes place in the afternoon and lasts about an hours and a half.
When: Monday to Friday, at 4.00 pm, advance booking only.
Cost: € 18,00 per person.

Night snorkeling
Once again Le Cote Piane is the setting for this unmissable experience. Leaving from the beach shore, equipped with waterproof torches(provided by the diving center)going to discover that sea at night time is anything but asleep.
The excursion takes place in the evening and lasts about an hour and a half.
When: Tuesdays and Fridays at 9.30 pm, advance booking only.
Cost: € 30,00 per person.

Careno Diving
Careno Diving


Trekking Towards the Sea
Trailing along the old original paths of farming life, going from La Zanca to Cala della Cotaccia, spot accessibile only by sea or foot, thing that has allowed it to retain its wonderful untouched environment over time.
At the end of the walk, there is no better way to cool down that a swim in this crystal clear water. After that, no need to walk all the way back to retourn to Sant'Andrea, as a rubber dinghy will be waiting a few meters from the shore to take us there. Rucksacks and personal belongings are carried on board in pratical watertinght bags by the tour guides.
The excursion takes place both in the morning or in the afternoon and lasts about three hours.
When: : Monday to Thursday, at 9.00 am and 4.30 pm, advance booking only.
Cost: € 35,00 per person

Hiking on ... the High Green Peaks
Leaving from Zanca as well, but this time going east towards Sant'Andrea. Up high to enjoy the breathtaking views over the entire coastline and the green Mediterranean woodland mixed to stretches of holm oaks and heather. A hike in a completely relaxing environment while just listening to the sounds of nature.
The excursion takes place both in the morning or in the afternoon and lasts about three hours.
When: Monday to Thursday, at 9.00 am and 4.30 pm, advance booking only.
Cost: € 25,00 per person.

All our trails are mainly flat and not too long. With a right pair of shoes (trainers or hiking shoes, better if with a rugged sole) and a bit of dynamism, they are suitable for everybody, especially children.
Keeping in mind to avoid overloading your rucksack with too much weight, take with you handy things, such as: a bottle of water, a few snacks, a spare t-shirt, a camera with zoom and a pair of binoculars in case of birds or cetacean sightings.
For those who chose a swim at la Cotaccia, we sugget to bring also a pair of aquashoes, swimwear, a beach towel and snorkeling mask.
Excursion length includes meeting up, briefing and stops along the way.

Careno Diving
Careno Diving